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Star Racer now available on Steam Early Access, currently 20% off

by: Russell -
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Got an itch to play F-Zero but also want to mix in a bit of Star Fox? Luckily Star Racer might just scratch that itch. Star Racer from Whatnot Games is a retro-infused combat racer that looks like F-Zero on the surface with some combat thrown in, but you can also channel your inner Star Fox and perform aerial assaults. In addition you'll also have to worry about patches of ice, lava pits, mines and more obstacles, plus the trailer shows off some interesting short cuts and this is starting to remind me of Mario Kart. So we have the look and speed of F-Zero, some aerial assault similar to Star Fox, and course obstacles like Mario Kart...and it has a track editor? Count me in!

Star Racer is currently available on Steam Early Access for $11.99 (20% off) until march 22nd, plus you can download the demo if you want to check it out beforehand.