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Akka Arrh gets a PS5 upgrade, and comes to VR

by: joseph -
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Jeff Minter is about to take up a lot of my time. The Llamasoft creator is the subject of Digital Eclipse's next documentary series, and before that releases later this month. Akka Arrh was supposed to come out in 1982, but it was deemed to hard for general arcade players. Fast forward a couple decades, and not only have we seen the original release on compilations, and Arcade 1up machines, a full remake of Akka Arrh came out on most systems this past year. 

Now, out of nowhere, Akka Arrh's remake is now optimized and ready for PS5 and available for PSVR2! Now you can surround yourself in the trippy colors and get that high score in one of the most challenging but fulfilling games in Atari and Llamasoft history.