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THQ Nordic details Sparta location in Steam Dev Diary

by: Eric -
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The original Titan Quest is like a gift that keeps on giving; I bought the original game for maybe three bucks on Steam and played it for at least 100 hours back in the day. Then THQ Nordic swooped in, bought the license, and released 2016's Anniversary Edition, which gave the entire game a huge facelift, and added in every expansion ever released - all as a free upgrade for anyone that owned the original game. Best three bucks I ever spent.

Last year, THQ Nordic announced that they were moving forward to a sequel - Titan Quest II - which would further bring the Greek myth-based ARPG gameplay into the modern era. It seems as though they have been plugging away, because they today released an update on the Steam Community page, in the form of a dev diary that details all of the work they are putting into the newer game's Sparta Location. You can check that out here

The developers are doing some pretty cool stuff, following through on an interesting mind experiment that asks what changes would be made to Spartan culture, history, and architecture if mythological creatures were real. This is allowing them to spin out some pretty cool designs, while still keeping one toe in the actual history. 

There is no announced release date, but Titan Quest II is expected to launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles.