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Helldivers 2's second Warbond launches next week

by: Rob -
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Warbonds are basically Helldivers 2's version of seasons. The goal of the team over at Arrowhead Game Studios is to release them on about a monthly basis. We're a month on from the initial game's release and looking at the second Warbond drop next week, March 14th. This time the Warbond is titled Cutting Edge and joins Steeled Veterans, the Warbond available at release. The great thing about Warbonds - they don't expire. So just because Cutting Edge is cutting in next week, you don't have to mad grind the items from Steeled Veterans but rather can opt to pick and choose how to spend your medals over time. 

While individual items in the Warbond are unlocked with those medals earned in-game, the Warbonds themselves are an additional purchase. The first, Steeled Veterans, was included in the Super Citizen edition or upgrade for the game, but I do not believe that Cutting Edge is also included. I expect it will cost the same as Steeled Veterans, 1000 Super Credits. And while 1000 Super Credits can be bought for about $9.99 in real world money, Super Credits can also be earned in game and farmed in points of interest as side objectives in many of the missions. 

More info on the Cutting Edge Warbond can be found on the official Playstation blog: https://blog.playstation.com/2024/03/07/helldivers-2-new-warbond-launches-march-14-first-look-at-new-weapons-armor-and-more/