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Prime Video drops full Fallout trailer; all episodes expected on April 11

by: Eric -
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Prime Video this morning unveiled a full new trailer for its ultimate-gamer-wish-fulfillment project, the upcoming television series based on Fallout. 

The biggest news to come out of a press event held yesterday was that all eight episodes of the series will be available to Prime members in its entirety on April 11, 2024, so hop onto that old work calendar right now and block the day. 

The show is the result of a collaboration between Executive Producers Jonathan Nolan and Todd Howard, with Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner serving as executive producers, writers and co-showrunners. Of course, the show exists as the results of the work of a whole bunch of other super talented and committed folks, including those at Kilter Films, the outfit behind Westworld and last year's amazing (and screw you for cancelling it, Prime) The Peripheral. Say what you will about Westworld, it's obvious that the folks at Kilter Films understand world building. 

That skill is shown off heavily in the new trailer, which features some great pause-and-study images of power armor suits and Mr. Handy bots. The storyline will follow three primary characters. Maximus (Aaron Moten) is a squire working his way up in the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel. Lucy (Ella Purnell, most recently seen getting eaten by her soccer team on Yellowjackets), a young vault dweller in her first trip out of the vault and into the wastes. And of course, there is the Ghoul (Walton "Not my daddy" Goggins), who has been bouncing around since before the bombs fell.

There is obviously a lot of material to study and parse in the above trailer, and plenty to talk about and debate until April 11, at which point it becomes every gamers duty to turn on the show on every device you own and set it to repeat. You aren't cancelling this one, Prime!