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Bang-On Balls goes next-gen native

by: Rob -
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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, a Gaming Nexus favorite that Eric gave a perfect 10 in his review, is stepping up from its original PS4/Xbox 360 release and into the next-gen consoles with an upgraded version for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The upgrade is free for all existing owners of the game and operates a single purchase in both the Playstation and Xbox marketplaces. It's the same game, only with enhanced visuals bringing 4K/60 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X, with full HD/60 FPS on Xbox Series S.

We mentioned this news a few weeks back, but its worth repeating because the upgrade is now officially live. The rest of the game remains the same as the next-gen press release details:

  • Glorious bouncy 3D platforming and combat with razor-sharp controls.
  • Smash, dash, and steamroll around massive, highly destructible, open-world maps.
  • Absolutely loaded with content. Fight foes, rescue allies, take on multiple objectives, uncover secrets, and collect treasure troves of themed items and weapons. Each map has its own unique mechanics, boss fights, secrets, items, and themes.
  • Bounce around history as each map is set in an interesting historical era - Vikings, Pirates, Space Race or Feudal Japan with more to come as post-release support.
  • Customize your character with 400+ items - flags, weapons, shields, hats, masks, tattoos, boats etc and all collected from playing. No paid cosmetic DLCs
  • Up to 4-player online co-op and 2-player split screen. Seamlessly jump in and out of sessions with friends and keep everything you’ve collected.