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Mega Man costumes and more ready for Street Fighter 6

by: joseph -
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I am not a huge fan of cosmetics. Anyone who's anyone knows that my avatars or create-a-character has to be the feature I love the least in fighting games. Give me a bald headed light skinned dude with a hoodie, and I'm good. Let's play the game. Capcom must've caught word of this, and decided to test my mettle. 

Street Fighter 6 announced a Mega Man Gala Fighter's past. While you can get items in the free tier, premium items contain a full Mega Man Suit, and Mega Man: The Power Battles to play in the gallery. You can unlock these by simply playing the game, and getting enough kudos to do so. I just gotta get past the fact that the Premium fighter's pass pays for itself and future ones if you unlock all the fighter's coins at the end of the pass. They knew I would try for this. They know how much I love Mega Man. They just knew. 

The pass starts in March. The premium pass is only $5. And yes, I'm talking to myself.