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Tekken 8 shop open for business

by: joseph -
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The Tekken 8 shop is now open, and has a combination of free and paid customization items for your character of choice. These items will be changed out monthly as different partnerships and past costumes stock the e-shelves The paid items can be purchased with Tekken Coins, which can be bought in the store of your platform. UT's collaboration with Tekken will also be available in the store for all playable characters, and your avatar, if you feel the need to style on people after you style on people. 

With this Store opening, comes an update. The update comes with a punishment for discovered cheaters (Ugh) who, instead of receiving a ban, will just have their ranking reduced to beginner, and removed from the leaderboard. The question is, can they just climb back up? Use that ban hammer, Hirada! 

There are other improvements like having the fight anywhere option to stay on in the fighting lounge, and the maximum number of consecutive wins increased to 999. I'd hate to play the person who discovered that problem. Yeesh. 

Anyway, Tekken 8 seems to be thriving. Fighting games in general are doing so well right now. Yes, even you, Mortal Kombat 1.