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Ed has arrived to Street Fighter 6

by: joseph -
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Well he is here, and I will cut to the chase. Ed was WAY more difficult to learn than any other character in the game thus far. I wasn't use to his normal target combos being so powerful. He also seems more punishable than other characters, because some of the normal button pushes are actually special moves. I do enjoy him though. I'm a casual pro, only because of experience, and not necessarily being in the lab. We got him up to four star silver in about an hour, which is not great, but I'm having fun with him. I'm satisfied if I get him to platinum. You know me. 

Ed is available right now for anyone who has the fighters season pass, or the ultimate edition of Street Fighter 6. His second outfit is sold separately, as well as his stage. Please ignore my ranting about the stage, for I didn't see that you could buy it with Drive Tickets. I am still miffed about the one button throws for Modern Controls, but it didn't seem to matter much. Maybe people don't know that part yet. You can find all the patch notes here. Don't watch this video if you want hype combos. This is me flailing about with a brand new character. I'm the "Justin Wrong" of Street Fighter 6.