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Tekken 8 hits 2 Million Copies

by: joseph -
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Tekken 8 has been out for exactly one month today, and has moved over 2 Million copies, on pace with Street Fighter 6. This is insane considering that the game is strictly on current gen systems and PC, and has no buffer from PS4 or XboxOne. The game is also outpacing Tekken 7 which sold 11.8 million copies when it was all said and done, in case someone wants some trivia to impress their friends. 

With that, Bandai Namco announced that an in game Tekken shop is on it's way. This will not be a shop to unlock characters, but more for cosmetic items for customization. This will include costumes from previous titles, as well as licensed items. There are two things to note here. The money made in the Tekken shop will go right back into the game. And even knowing that, you don't have to buy them unless you want to support the game. 

With Eddy coming soon, there have been some interesting information coming out when it comes to free updates. Upcoming content will include more fleshed out story modes for each character. These stories will show where they were, and where they fit into the main story of Tekken 8. All free. So look for that soon. 

For now, check out this Tekken Talk Live where they talk for an entire hour about the future of Tekken 8. And tell my friend Quincy to watch out for Jun Kazama.