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New Game+, more suits, Update coming to Spider-Man 2

by: joseph -
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Dubbed V 1.002, Spider-Man 2 will receive a major update on March 7th. This update includes the ability to change the time of day, mission replay, updates to photo mode, and the long awaited New Game+. Sony also promises new accessibility features, such as audio descriptions, a screen reader, and much much more. I guess I was unaware that there were so many features missing. 

Unlockable in New Game+ are even more Symbiote suits for Peter Parker. You can also change the color of your Symbiote abilities, whatever that means. Miles will also get new suits, via the Hellfire Gala variant cover from Miles Morales Spider Man #8. 

I'll precede the next announcement with this: No, Sony is not starting to charge for additional suits. However, you will have early access to the Fly N Fresh suit pack for $4.99. DONT PANIC! This is for charity. Creators Gameheads is an organization that empowers low income youth and youth of color to thrive in the video game industry. So all that to say, if you're a monster (jk), these suits will be available with no charitable obligation later down the line. Sony is donating 100% of each purchase, up to 1 Million Dollars. How cool is that?

Anyway, off to finish Spider-Man 2 on the Games N Moorer stream. Don't judge me. You have a backlog too.