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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor gets early access

by: joseph -
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You must be living under a very deep rock if you haven't heard of the storm that is Deep Rock Galactic. Here's a quick premise. You and up to three others go deep underground, dig through some mines, collect some minerals, kill some bugs, and get stomped out by monsters that take a very long and stressful time to kill, and get out or die trying. If you haven't played this phenomenal game, one of your friends definitely has it, and if you can, avoid playing it alone. It can be a slog. With 4 players though, especially if at least two of them know what they're doing, it's a fun, and very intense time. I highly recommend it. 

Today, Ghost Ship Games has announced that their first spinoff in the vein of the survivor franchise. These are games you start out, and just survive. You don't press any buttons, and you just move around. The more orbs you collect, the more you can power up with perks like weapons, faster movement, and even screen filling attacks. Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is just as advertised. You can pick one of 4 classes, much like the original. There are three biomes here, but more than 40 weapons you can eventually unlock and wield yourself. Later down the line, Funday Games has released a roadmap to new updates like new missions and new biomes to eventually get wrecked in. They plan to keep you in for a while. 

The game is available now on Steam for only $9.99 USD, but please remember, it's early access. Also remember, you won't look like the video from the jump. You gotta earn your keep around here. You know the drill.