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Under Cover: VR on a time crisis

by: joseph -
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The good people at Thunderful have finally made my lightgun dreams come true. I own TWO guncons for the Playstation 1, and have pristine copies of both Time Crisis, and Point Blank. Obviously, I cannot play them because these lightguns don't work on modern TVs, and every other option is either expensive, or clunky. (Sorry John Yan). It must also be known that I own a Meta Quest 2, with Beat Saber, and Resident Evil 4, and haven't touched it in ages. 

Thunderful teamed up with Coatsink, and Sigtrap, and must've known about my love for light gun games, and has forced my virtual hands with a game called Under Cover, a VR game made for the Meta Quest, that looks a LOT like one of the previous games mentioned. From the trailer alone, it promises destructible environments, an "active cover system", and even a Co-op mode, which has to be fun, right? Can this be the turning point for me and VR? Stay tuned, because Under Cover releases February 15th. ACTION!