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Bore Blasters shares March release date, demo avavilable during Next Fest

by: Elliot -
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It’s hard to keep track of everything being shown in the Steam Next Fest. Demos are everywhere. Bore Blasters caught my attention this morning, and the recent release date announcement comes with a brand-new gameplay trailer to check out too. Gameplay centers around fast using your machine gun to blast through stones. Finding temporary upgrades hidden throughout the map seems to be a common place, like most Roguelike titles. And like most rogulike there are a handful of procedurally generated biomes to see, making every run a little different. It doesn’t seem that Bore Blasters will be as punishing though. You can end runs early and still keep what you find, and spending on permanent upgrade seems to be here too, meaning you can play a short run and still be benefiting.

“Bore Blaster puts you in the seat of an advanced dwarven gyrocopter fitted with a powerful machine gun drill, designed to break through stone with ease. As you blast your way into the depths you will collect rare gems and ores, discover powerful new upgrades that help you cut through the earth quicker, and fight off swarms of enemies as you uncover the mysteries deep below." Bore Blasters will have native support for Windows PC, Linux, MacOS, and Steam Deck. If you want, you can dig into the demo right now courtesy of Steam’s Next Fes currently happening.