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Official release for Phantom Abyss is live

by: Rob -
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Tomb Raider meets Temple Run meets... Doom? I'm not sure exactly what Phantom Abyss is, but if Devolver Digital is publishing then it gets 5 minutes in the elevator to make a pitch as to why I should play. I guess in this case that five minutes is more like a minute and ten seconds in the brief trailer below. So what to do with the leftover 4 minutes... Well, maybe check out Games N Morrer's preview stream of the Early Access from 2021.

Now out of Early Access Phantom Abyss is enjoying it's full 1.0 release. Phantom Abyss is an asynchronous multiplayer tomb explorer that has you running, jumping and sliding over pits, past spikes, and under swinging pendulums of bludgeoning death. Levels in Abyss Mode are procedurally generated and as you follow both the triumphs and failures of the echoes of adventurers past, if you manage to find the ultimate treasure in a level the level gets locked out for no future explorers to retry your feat. There is also an Adventurer mode with pre-determined levels for all and a Daily Challenge Mode to keep things fresh.

Phantom Abyss is available now (and 50% off for the next two days) on Steam. The game is also available for Xbox Series X|S and through Xbox Game Pass.