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Kill It With Fire 2 offers a fine demo to accompany a side dish of Arachnaphobia

by: Rob -
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A lot of people hate spiders. I get it. I don't mind them myself. Until I finished my basement they were basically my coworkers down here when I work from home. And they help feast on the really nasty bugs I do not want around my house. But if you really don't like spiders, and many do, then you know there is only one way to be sure... kill them with fire. 

Now you've got a chance to live out that catharsis in the digital realm, with Kill It With Fire 2. Still in Early Access, a playable demo was recently released. The game is a bit like what you might expect, hunting your eight legged prey and smacking creepy crawlies with books and other objects around the room, occasionally crossing into using flames, just to be sure. Then it goes beyond expectations and introduces additional weaponry like sidearms, sniper rifles, and explosives. You can play solo or with friends, and even take a turn at being the spider if you prefer. The trailer below makes it seem like a pretty good time all around, with just enough mad cap to keep the entertainment going.

To try the demo, head of to the Steam page for Kill It With Fore 2: