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Welcome to ParadiZe shares story trailer and preorder bonuses ahead of February release

by: Elliot -
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The zombie apocalypse got you down? Need a fresh start? Perhaps somewhere that feels like a paradise? The idea behind Welcome to ParadiZe seems fresh enough to grab my attention. You can’t get rid of all the zombies, but you can control them. Teach them to farm, or to fight and defend your camp, while you go out and search for the real paradise. Having a zombie companion to go around exploring with you feels like something of a sequel to the movie Shaun of the Dead. “In ParadiZe, the zombies do all the dirty work. They take care of the tough jobs and protect the survivors, thanks to the revolutionary hacking helmet technology developed by Tusk Group. As survivors of the apocalypse, the players find themselves in this supposedly idyllic town expecting to lead a life safe from wild zombie attacks. Unfortunately, not everything seems to have gone as planned. On the ground, they have to deal with a bunch of unruly locals, each weirder than the last, zombified fauna and a wide variety of environments, each with their own dangers.”

Welcome to ParadiZe releases on February 29 and is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game is currently 15% off through Steam; preording will give you a 48-hour early access before the official release and get you an exclusive military cosmetic pack for their avatar and their zombots.