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Tekken World Tour continues, now with new partnerships

by: Joseph -
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Tekken World Tour will kick off on April 13th, and will start with Tekken 8. This regional and global tournament also now has new partners in Chipotle (who also has a partnership with Street Fighter 6), Venum, Uniqlo, and Victrix by PDP. April 13th is also the start date of Evo Japan will also be a Master+ Qualifying event. For all the info you'll need, click here.

Venum is to show off their new apparel line, with the style of Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, and Jin Kazama starting in June. Victrix is creating special controllers, fightsticks, and even Tournament backpacks. Preorders for those items start late January, but don't release until April. Worldwide will have to wait a month longer. 

Lastly, we finally got our grubby little hands on the Tekken 8 demo, and even got some online competition using the game share feature on the Playstation 5 which does have a little bit of lag, but not much, according to our Games N Moorer affiliate Q The Gift. Then we went back to Tekken 7. Tekken 7's loading, online interface, and frequent drops immediately makes you appreciate the speed and amazing graphics of Tekken 8. It almost has the same effect of what Street Fighter 6 did for us trapped in Street Fighter V. Tekken is Tekken, but Tekken 8 is definitely something to look forward to. As Donte would say (he wiped the floor with us) Stop Procrastinating. Go pre order this.