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Tekken 8: Eddy Gordo gets a haircut

by: joseph -
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Yes, the video below contains the opening cinematic for Tekken 8, and yes, you're even more confused if you don't follow the storyline at all. And sure, you're wondering what really really happened to Heihachi Mishima. Is he dead again? How is Jun back? Why is Nina walking with all those Jack-8s? Why is Kazuya wearing so many layers?! None of this will be answered in this opening, but these questions may very well be answered on January 25th. I think I already have my favorite new character. She's the thumbnail. 

Oh yeah. And Eddy Gordo is back, and will be out in Spring. 3 unannounced characters to follow in Summer, Fall, and Winter, and that's all for Season 1.