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Exploring the Assassin's Creed

by: Randy -
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Patient, mindful exploration.  That's what I'm about.  While there are many others, my point-of-entry into a video game is in exploring the virtual construct.  No, I don't explore in order to accumulate and obsess over number-crunching armor and weapons stats, and I don't explore for the sake of breaking the game and seeing what the developers let slip through the cracks.  But there's an inherent need in me as a player to completely engage my ocular senses within a game world ... and to simply see all that I can see.  If the developers want to mercilessly wrap me around their little finger, they only need to throw in some hidden items to collect, and the completionist switch in my brain is also engaged.

This is some of what I explored in my first hour of Assassin's Creed[MORE]