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I haven't had a trip this bad...

by: Dave -
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... since the year my mother-in-law decided to supplement the carbon-neutral free-range solar-powered turkey that she buys at Wild Oats with some mushrooms she found growing in the back yard. 

Yes, I'm still working through FEAR Perseus Mandate, having discovered God mode to get me past that humongous mech-y guy from last night. 

Who knew, though, that there are actually atheist monsters that don't believe in God (mode)?  Well, there are.  My new motto: "Ghost mode, for those days when God mode just ain't getting it done."

So, I just went through something like six identical rooms just before I came to this one:

I'm finding myself very reluctant to open the door, my biggest fear being that some mutated Sixth Sense kid is going to be down there, and he's going to be able to see me.