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Wii ain't got any

by: Dave -
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One of my morning reads in the brief period after I've gotten to the office and made the coffee, but before I get into head down coding, is James Lileks.  Today's entry seemed pertinent to the GN site:

Note to Nintendo: either make lots more Wiis or shut up about them. Please. My child wants one, and it looks like there’s no chance on this planet, or any parallel versions of it I might access through some sort of quantum portal, that I will get one. I could order one from one of Amazon’s Preferred Hoarders, but I will be switched and hoss-whipped down Lyndale Avenue before I pay some one $200 dollars over the sticker price. At least you could rename it. It’s not the Wii. It’s the Themm. Wii don’t have one.

Also, since my child has made this request of Santa, you will probably destroy her faith in his powers.

Look, I’ll even take one from the Chinese factory where they make everything out of Lead, including the marzipan and the dog food. Just send a Wii to James Lileks, Star Tribune, 425 Portland Av.. Minneapolis MN, 55488, and I will send you a check for the entire amount plus shipping and ten dollars for you to buy a nice dessert on us. Thank you.

Now, I would encourage the kind folks at Nintendo to toss one my way before sending one to Mr. Lileks, but I do see his point.