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Supermoves is Fall Guys in real life in game form

by: Joseph -
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Billed as a "Exhilarating parkour party game", Supermoves is releasing in late 2024. However, the folks at Makea Games will be releasing a demo of it during the Steam Next Fest. It promises up to 40 players at a time, 8 game modes, and even a single player campaign. PARKOUR! 

This game doesn't just have you running across walls, and jumping from buildings, only to crumble into a roll unscathed. You can also fall into the sea and get eaten by a shark, or fall into a seemingly endless ball pit. The separation here comes in the way of creating a level. You can change the time of day, put anything anywhere, and play any of the courses you made online. They go on to say that the levels created for the game, had been created in that same mode. Check out the trailer below. Parkour without the bruises and hospital bills. PARKOUR!