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GRIME comes to Nintendo Switch with launch of final DLC

by: Rob -

GRIME, once a Stadia exclusive, is finding life beyond Google's graveyard and coming to the Switch. This port onto Nintendo's console is the Definitive Edition - incorporating the base game, both previously released DLC's, and the third and final planned DLC which will debut with that release. This marks the end of content support for the original title with GRIME II coming sometime later this year to pick up the game's future. This third DLC is titled Parting Shade and closes the book on the previous additions: Colors of Rot and Tinge of Terror

GRIME is a metroidvania-style hack and slash adventure where you consume you fallen foes to unlock new abilities. The release for the Switch version and Parting Shade DLC is January 25th. You can find the PC versions on places like GoG and Steam