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Yet another game trying to get me to play it: Apex Legends

by: Joseph -
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I am a sucker for crossover events. Fortnite has got me several times for their bizarre crossovers like Eminem, and Megatron as of late, and I will say, though I'm not a pro, I feel pretty good playing Fortnite. I've tried the free to play Apex Legends a grand total of twice, and I couldn't get into it. Though I've told this story before. And here I am, writing an news piece on it, because of it's latest crossover with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Dubbed "A Final Fantasy VII take over, January 9th marks the day where a new mode called "Limited Time Mode Takeover" will feature cosmetics from FFVII Rebirth, plus the Buster Sword, and Materia Hop Ups. No, I do not know what that is. For the following three weeks, Final Fantasy Takeover will replace the Unranked version of the Battle Royale. You can use the Buster Sword to block bullets. There's even a limit break, which is a charged up animated attack from Final Fantasy VII. If you have that Apex money, you can buy up to 36 cosmetics during the event. 

I don't know if I wrote this for Final Fantasy fans, or Apex fans. Are they one in the same? This crossover event hopes so. Look at this craziness below. And maybe you'll catch me in a lobby trying to figure out all the things.