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Bluey: The Videogame needs a patch, but my 3 year old loves it

by: joseph -
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Bluey: The VideoGame came out in November, and though I may have got hosed by it's $40 price tag (it's on sale at the time of this post), I do think that it's a pretty cool game. 4 player couch co-op, mini games, customizable accessories, and a campaign makes for a good title. All the voice actors from the show are here, and portable on the Nintendo Switch means that my 3 year old can play it if I want to watch some dumb video on Youtube. While I don't think it deserves anything lower than the Gaming Nexus 6.5, there are some things I would love to happen. 

Bluey needs a patch. Just an overall update that fixes some of the inconsistencies. Sometimes the characters just disappears, and the game becomes a fixed camera house tour. There are some issues when the other characters just roam where they want to, and get stuck in a room behind something. When you try to select different options, it's like you're hitting a sound board, though the kid was cracking up at Chilli (Mom) saying "Oh no!" over and over again when you're not allowed to play "Ground is Lava". Then there are some just overall weird things, like you can slide down the bannister, but not the actual slide. 

What is the point of this post? It's not to dunk on this game by any means. It's on sale, and I'm sure it'll come to Playstation Plus/Gamepass sometime soon. I have to say, my 3 year old knows how to navigate the menus, pick up stuff, jump on the trampolines, and the object of the mini games. The game explains and hand holds extremely well. The controls are pretty tight, and again, even after the campaign is over, you can revisit any of the four areas. It's not the buggy mess I've seen in some of these licensed shovelware games. It does need a little TLC. Artax Games, get on that. My 3 year old won't care, but what if she turns 4?! WHAT THEN, ARTAX?!