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The war is over but the fight continues in Last Train Home

by: Rob -
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I pulled this article title from the press release because it's an excellent tag line and wanted to highlight it. Last Train Home is a strategy game published by THQ Nordic and developed by the Czech studio Ashborne Games. It chronicles the tale of a group of Czech combatants after the close of World War I tumbling across the Siberian tracks on an armored train barreling through the battlefields of a civil war. The trailer below is part cinematic, but includes gameplay and you can see the game coming together, fighting battle at stops along the way and utilizing the resources of your armored caravan of train cars to heal and resupply in between skirmishes. 

Last Train Home was released about three weeks ago and is available on steam: 
There is also a free demo on the Steam page as well to try before you buy. It's PC-only at the moment, but is getting very positive early reviews.