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Your video game 2023 roundups are here!

by: Joseph -
More On: PlayStation

So, as a writer, reviewer, and streamer, I get to play a lot of games. How I balance it with all my other jobs is always a mystery to me, but I never think I play that many games. I try to believe I'm an average player, but these year in review things always surprise me. The console versions of these are already out. So I broke them down to categories they all shared. Let's take a look at my gaming prowess for 2023.

Games Played:

Xbox -46 (292 hours)

Steam -21 (N/A)

Nintendo -46 (254 hours)

Playstation - 66 (448 hours)

This one shocked me the most. 66 Playstation games is absolutely insane to me. Then they broke this down by hours, and I'm sure this is small change compared to most. Then I broke it down to days, and it's not so bad. I'm safe, I think. I'm a gamer, but I touch grass a lot more. 

Games I put the most time into:

Xbox: Fortnite (57 hours)

Steam: Sanabi (24% of overall playtime)

Nintendo: Have a Nice Death (53 hours)

Playstation: Street Fighter 6 (127 hours)

Sanabi is a given, because it broke me. I played the game on the hardest difficulty, so I died a lot, but it was worth it.  Street Fighter 6 was spent more on online play and World Tour mode than being "in the lab, but man, I just love it. I love watching it. I love playing it. I'm nowhere near master rank, but it's SO GOOD!

Have A Nice Death is a great game, but it definitely tested my patience. I got to the end, and it was a false ending, and then I never made it back. I don't know what's worse between Enter The Gungeon, and Have a Nice Death. I like them, but they are BRUTAL! Fortnite is something I thought I'd never thought I'd see on a list of games I spent the most time on. I dodged, and dogged Fortnite, and when they added no build...they got me. My new Eminem skin shows that. Moving on. 

First Game I played in 2023 (or Mostly Played in January):

Steam: Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

Playtation: Breakers Revenge/Forspoken

Nintendo: Super Mario Maker 2

Xbox: N/A

None of this is about the amazing Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider, nor is it about the evergreen Super Mario Maker 2. Both games are excellent, and as you're probably still playing Super Mario Maker 2, Vengeful Guardian Moonrider is something you should definitely run for nostalgia sake.The first game I played was the SNK fighter Breaker's Revenge, but the rest of my January was a controversial one, because I played Forspoken for the rest of it. 

Like for real, I still believe that Forspoken in it's current form, is far more polished, and definitely worth a playthrough. It's cheap, and I feel it deserved the rating I gave it. I also feel like if didn't deserve to get dunked on the way the internet did. And I wasn't the only one. More on that in another post, because there is a lot to unpack here. Forspoken is a gem. A lot of you never played it, and that's fine. But for you to say it sucks without playing it, and punching down on people who say it was good, is saying a lot. You're "creating content", though, right? Do better, people.

Category I played the most:

Nintendo: Action (59%)

Playstation: Brawlers (43%)

Xbox: Action/Adventure (49%)

Steam: Action, Beat Em Up, Retro

Nintendo released Tears of the Kingdom, and though I haven't scratched the surface on it, I played it a lot. I've spent most of my time in awe that there are three whole maps to explore. I thought I explored a lot of Breath of the Wild, but I don't know if I'll ever get to finish Tears of the Kingdom. It hasn't been ruined for me yet. Xbox saw me beat Hades this year, finally, with the help of my ROG Ally. We already know about Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1, and Breakers Revenge, so this isn't surprising at all. Steam is hilarious, because TMNT: Shredder's Revenge released Dimension Shellshock DLC, and that checked all of the boxes. 

My mostly played month was June, with the exception of September with Have a Nice Death. I thought I sank more hours into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when it came to Multiplayer, but we didn't do a lot of Bracketaculars this year. I'll be sure to remedy that next year for sure. Get your end of the year stuff simply by looking it up online, for each system. I'll compile some more year end content, but I personally wanted to thank Gaming Nexus for allowing me the platform to live out a dream I never even thought was possible, even though that check from Forspoken bounced.