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Yoshimitsu, Story Trailer and Demo, Tekken 8 ups the ante

by: joseph -
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We're about a month and a half out from the latest version of Tekken 8, and some people got invited to a special event thrown by Bandai Namco to test out the game at it's closest variation. We're not at all sour that we didn't get invited, but we are excited for the slew of new content, including a trailer for mainstay Yoshimitsu. 

Namco then showed off the trailer to the story mode, if you're into that sort of thing. Maximillion Dood described it as "The Fast and The Furious: Fighting edition (Paraphrased), and I have to agree. There's a part where Jin Kazama kicks off his motorcycle mid air, and kicks the motorcycle into a helicopter, only to land and fight with his father in a downtown Times Square-like setting. Yeah. It's like that. But don't take my word for it.

The demo for Tekken 8 is available RIGHT NOW for Playstation. PC and Xbox won't get it until the 21st. The demo includes Chapter 1 of the story mode, 4 characters for Versus (Jin, Kazuya, Paul, Nina), and Chapter 1 the new Arcade Quest, which is pretty sweet. Arcade Quest is for players who may be novice and wants to get better at Tekken overall. This is huge! There's also a local Versus mode and three stages to fight on. Your save data won't carry over, and it'll take up 28GB. Get ready for the next battle.