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Vampire Survivors getting Among Us crossover DLC

by: Rob -
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As the press release so cleverly notices: "In its everlasting quest to add anything but vampires to Vampire Survivors..." developer Poncle is bringing 9 new characters, 15 new weapons, and 6 new music tracks as well as the new level in the science base of Polus Replica to Vampire Survivors. This new Among Us themed crossover DLC is titled Emergency Meeting and releases today with the 1.8 patch. That patch also adds standalone mini-side quests comprised of previous content remixed to feel like new-ish.

The Emergency Meeting DLC costs $2.50 and is available today, December 6th, for PC and Xbox. The DLC will also eventually come to Switch but at a yet unspecified later date. More details can be found on the official site: https://poncle.games/emergency-meeting.html