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New Outfits are here for Street Fighter 6, and so is a new Battle Pass

by: joseph -
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Street Fighter 6 can never be accused of lacking content. Besides already adding two new characters, Street Fighter 6 has finally added the 3rd outfit. The caveat is that unlike outfit 2, you can NOT unlock outfit 3 from World Tour mode. Each outfit 3 will be 300 fighter coins a piece, so if you want to do the same moves, but look different doing it, go ahead and spend those monies. Please note that Outfit 3 for the DLC characters will come when Akuma is released in Spring 2024. 

A Happy Holidays battle pass is also available, which includes Super Puzzle Fighter II turbo to keep forever. You can also buy "cartoonish" characters for the "Here comes a new challenger" splash screen, with Drive Tickets. They did add 4 free tracks to the music player with a collaboration with NERDS Clothing. So there's that. 

This update also includes League separated tournaments, so you can match up with opponents more closely to your rank. And these go from Rookie to Legend, as well as an "intermediate" server, which I'm hoping that Justin Wong and PunkDaGod ain't going through and purging Street Fighters like an episode of Loki. More free stuff comes by the way of the Kuzuha Cup Tournament, with player titles and backgrounds. Just remember, the game is just as fun without any of this stuff. More to come for sure. Just...watch your pockets. Capcom wants your Christmas bonus.