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Tetris 99 getting two crossover events in December

by: Rob -
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It's busy times in Nintendo land. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is delighting fans with a new entry into what is possibly the most iconic series of all time, a new Zelda game is racking up game of the year nominations, and apparently WarioWare: Move It! is also a thing... I must admit I had never heard of that last one before reading the press release that Tetris 99 is doing a crossover Maximus Cup event with it, but looking into the game it's actually pretty cool. I have a kid in early elementary school and both in school and sometimes on the weekends at home he likes to take "movement breaks" where he gets on his feet (usually in front of a YouTube video) and gets active for a bit. Appears the Move It! series has the same mission, but presents as a video game instead of just a video. Cool.

So the WarioWare: Move It! Maximus Cup event takes place first, running this weekend from today the 30th of November until December 4th. Then the Mario Wonder Maximus Cup follows two weekends later, from December 14th to the 18th. Basically, Maximus Cup events are just themed events where you play Tetris and win themes for your board in the game. If you are curious as to why I'm writing about the 37th and 38th Maximus Cups when I haven't covered one since nearly two years ago with the 28th Cup Pokemon crossover... well, I finally renewed my Nintendo Switch Online subscription on Black Friday and am looking to get back in myself. Tetris 99 is a free download but most of the game is locked behind having that subscription. I can't wait to get back in because as iconic as Mario may be, Tetris is the one game that for me personally, spans more decades of consistent play.