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South Park: Snow Day shows off latest in "New Kid" legacy

by: joseph -
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I played South Park: The Stick of Truth, and surprisingly loved it. The turn based RPG is probably super cheap and bundled with it's sequel The Fractured But Whole somewhere out there. The sequel also used a different, grid based battle system. Now THQ Nordic has released more info for South Park Snow Day, and it seems like it's hit the adventure RPG genre. And I must say at first glance, it looks pretty good! 

As the New Kid, you will join the cast of South Park, and take part in an adventure, as South Park experiences a snow day. School is out, but battle is in. (Made up slogan). This game allows 4 player coop, and even allows you to use up to 3 bots, if you lack friends. You can even team with randoms online, if you totally hate fun. You will be able to upgrade your melee and ranged weapons, as well as your abilities. South Park: Snow Day also promises a wide array of cosmetics and costumes to make you look good, or terrible while fighting. The release will be in 2024 for Xbox Series, PS5, PC, and Switch, and will be only $30! Check the trailer below, and await Gaming Nexus playing this game on the Games N Moorer stream!