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Buy your parents an Atari 2600+, watch them lose their minds

by: joseph -
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Atari is banking that you want to make this soft generation of gamers to suffer through getting beat down in games like Combat. They'll watch their cities get destroyed in Missile Command. They'll get eaten by alligators in Pitfall. And it's all because they'll be playing Atari games on their 75" smart TV. The Atari 2600+ is now available, and fully updated for this generation.

It comes with a controller, HDMI, a 10 in one cartridge, and is 99% compatible with your old collection of games that are probably in a shoebox in your closet. You can find that compatibility list here. It also plays all 7800 games, and more games are promised to come out in 2024. If you order now, your kids can scream "ATARI 26" by December 24th.