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Gameplay showcase this Friday for Arizona Sunshine 2

by: Rob -
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In the early days of VR, Arizona Sunshine stood out as one of the best experiences in the gaming catalogue. Released in 2016 it brought gunplay and zombie killing action to the virtual world, just the kind of place where such a thing should sunshine. The follow up to that entry is coming soon, and the devs want to show off everything they're cooking up with the Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay Showcase on Friday. 

Streaming on both YouTube and Steam, the event kicks off at 11AM EST on November 17th. That's 5pm Central European Time for the Rotterdam based crew, so I guess they gotta first put in their 9 to 5 before kicking back and showing off the gameplay after work. During the showcase fans can interact with the devs by logging questions into the AMAs on Reddit at r/PSVR and r/OculusQuest

Arizona Sunshine 2 releases December 7th. Pre-orders are available now in the Playstation Store for PS VR2, the Meta Quest store, or on Steam.