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Stranger Things content returns to Dead by Daylight

by: Nathan -
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In 2019 it was announced that the 13th chapter of Dead by Daylight would center around the Netflix mega hit series, Stranger Things. Included in the DLC pack were survivors Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. Also included was the Demogorgon as the Killer and the Hawkins Lab map. 

Unfortunately back in November 2021 all Stranger Things purchasable content was delisted and the Hawkins Lab map was removed from the rotation because licensing deals had expired. If you bought the content you could still use it in game after it was removed but wasn't available to purchase anymore. 

Thankfully now two years later and the content has returned. Both Steve and Nancy, along with the Demogorgon and the Hawkins Lab map have returned to the game and are available to purchase along with the Johnathan Byers Legendary outfit. The only thing that won't return at this time are the specific achievements that were associated with the original pack.