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This past week was bonkers for gaming

by: joseph -
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With the internet forever focusing on the negative and the graphics of games that don't belong on consoles, or can't be run on PCs, I just wanted to take the time out to say that last week was on of the best in gaming. This past week, two heavy hitters landed, exclusively on both Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 5. And both of them, are amazing in their own right. 

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a sight to see. Watching it being played does it no justice. Seeing previews and trailers can't even begin to captivate the absolute fun of this game. With SEVEN playable characters, and even invincible characters like Yoshis and Nabbit, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a return to form, then a flip upside down, and just positively brilliant. And this ain't one of those "Nintendo sent us a copy for review" articles. I bought this with my Nintendo Online game vouchers (the other game was Tears of the Kingdom, still not even close to beating.) It sits at a 93, and it is truly one of "the best 2D Mario games even made." 

Then there's Spider-Man-2 for the Playstation 5, and my goodness. If I didn't have a PS5 before (I got duped by both Miles Morales, and Final Fantasy VII Intergrade.) I would've definitely found a reason to get it for this game. I don't want to take away from Eric's review, but you owe it to yourself to own and play through this game. Two Spider Men, the symbiote, Kraven, Black Cat, they're all here! And there's so much more. I'll be playing up to my save file, letting everyone go at their own pace, but I cannot express enough how much I will 100% this game. It's my only claim to gaming fame that I have 100% both Spider-Man 1, and Miles Morales. They're just excellent games.

It was a great gaming weekend. It inspired me to write. I'll even go as far as to say 2023 is a great gaming year. It started off controversial (I still loved Forspoken), but FFXVI, Starfield, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and Spider-Man 2 all came out this year. THIS YEAR! Play some games, touch grass, rinse and repeat. For your own sanity, of course.