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DLC plans revealed for Ghostrunner

by: Rob -
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Ghostrunner 2 releases next week, but the plans are already public for how the game will be supported post-launch. The DLC will include an additional game mode and four cosmetic packs:

  • Endless Moto Mode is the new game mode, but full details are yet to come. The mode itself will not launch until around September, 2024.
  • The Ice Pack, releases on Thursday, December 7th. It features three Sword Skins, three Hand Skins, and a Motorcycle skin all with a frosty theme.
  • The three additional cosmetic packs will all follow that format: three sword skins, three hand skins, and a motorcycle skin. They will be spaced out at later dates (February for the Dragon Pack, June for the Heat Pack, and October 2024 for the Anniversary Pack)

Each of the game mode and cometic packs are available separately, or as part of a Season Pass. The Season Pass can itself be bundled into the game purchase with the Brutal Edition. So your buying options become:

  • Standard Edition - $39.99
  • Deluxe Edition - $49.99 (standard game plus some pre-order cosmetic bonuses)
  • Brutal Edition - $69.99 (includes Season pass and early access)
  • Season Pass - $19.99

Ghostrunner 2 releases October 26th (October 24th for Brutal Edition) for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The DLC was previewed with an age-gated trailer. With the age-gate on I might not be able to embed it, but you can head over to YouTube to check it out yourself: