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Silent Hill: Ascension premieres at the end of the month

by: Nathan -
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Silent Hill: Ascension finally gets a premiere date and it's starts on Halloween Night.

This is interesting because this is not a game, it's an interactive streaming series but it looks like cutscenes from a game. So this seems like a Supermassive game like The Quarry or Until Dawn but the community will be watching together to decide what happens instead of playing it. I'm pretty intrigued with the concept so I will be watching to see how it plays out. 

The show will premier live on Halloween night, October 31st at 9PM EST. Every night afterwards at 9PM they will air the next part of the series. If you missed part of the series you will be able to watch them when they get added to VOD. 

To participate you can go to Ascension.com to watch on your browser or you can download apps via the Google Play store or the Apple app store.