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A.K.I. has arrived to sink her F.A.N.G.s in you

by: joseph -
More On: Street Fighter 6

She's here. A.K.I. has arrived. Her entire character guide, and combo trials. Her snake like avoid all projectile crawl, that can be canceled out of into a normal, or a throw. She comes with the ability to poison you via bubble, or putting poison on the ground. Her level 2 even poisons you if you block the entire thing. You've seen all the footage Capcom has to offer for her arrival. But it also comes with a couple of patch notes. 

One that stands out the most to me is this, straight from Capcom's poisonous fingers. And it reads like this: 

  • In order to mitigate unintentional Super Arts from being performed, the input recognition frame of certain Super Art commands have been shortened. Due to this adjustment, players must input their commands faster or the Super Art may not be performed.

This is HUGE, because there were many complaints about how some super arts were so easy to pull off, that sometimes you would do them by mistake. Capcom has mad good of this, by making some of them more precise. Say what you will, but the game I gave a perfect 10 for the World Tour Mode, accessible characters (even you, JP) and feeling like the most complete fighter in a while, is doing ok by me. Check out my shoddy play below, and remember, you probably have her by now, and if you don't, you can definitely try her our with one of the may rentals you've received.