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NHL 24 releases HUT trailer

by: Rob -
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First it was FUT; then MUT, LUT, and HUT came soon after when EA realized they had a money printing machine on their hands. The core of the mode can actually be a lot of fun, but it is the most outlandish hellscape of microtransactions in modern gaming. That being said the latest trailer for HUT in NHL 24 is now live.

HUT (Hockey Ultimate Team) is a card-collecting game mode where you open packs of player cards to collect and build your... ultimate team. It features players from present and past, this year replacing HUT Challenges with HUT Moments. Moments recreating iconic scenarios in hockey history with some of the true giants of hockey history like Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. Moments will also update as the real life NHL season progresses by adding in moments from big matches during the regular season. This year also introduces Objectives 2.0 for real-time tracking of rewards and a shared economy allowing one HUT auction house across all platforms. Objectives 2.0 does look awesome and will be a big quality of life upgrade. I've often found tracking objectives a pain in EA FC's (formerly FIFA's) FUT mode and hope the soccer game gets something similar soon. 

NHL 24 releases October 6th, 2023 on PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One and Series X|S. Pre-ordering the X-Factor Edition also nets you 3 days of early access to get into the game October 3rd.