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Sometimes you just want to be a cat on a fishing trip

by: Elliot -
More On: Whisker Waters

The last two months of my life has been insane. Trying to find a house, get approved, deal with the loan people, and the house people, and pack, and then actually move. I’m still not done, but that’s fine. I’m fine. This afternoon I watched a trailer for Whisker Waters and thought, why can’t I be a cat that just spends my free time fishing. “Set in a bright and enchanting world under threat of a mysterious darkness, take on the role of a young kitty with an enormous responsibility. Customize your character and set out on an adventure, developing your angling skills as you go with plenty of fresh fish to catch and a variety of unique fishing tools and techniques.” This is exactly what I need.

Each region is different and possesses its own distinct narrative, inviting you to become part of its tale of adventure, mystery, and companionship. In Whisker Waters, cats, bears, and birds live together in harmony. Join them, befriend the locals, and even help them out from time to time. Get awesome rewards and unlock cool gear to use on your journey!

Whisker Waters is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. No official date has been set for release.