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Don't sleep on the custom character options in Monster Hunter Now

by: Eric -
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Monster Hunter Now has gotten it's hooks in me pretty good. Yesterday was Sunday, and I found myself dragging my family to the park for "a walk" so I could try to collect some iron needed for my weapon upgrades. I've also wandered onto the abandoned property across the street several times because a Pukei-Pukei keeps spawning over there, and I'm trying to complete my armor set.

So yes, I finally understand the big deal behind Pokémon Go and the rest of Niantic's stable of real-world-based games. The graphics look great, the fights are fast and fun, and the collection is on point. Its super fun to check in throughout the day and see what has spawned nearby, even if that means I have to trek over to the church down the street in the middle of their annual "Singspiration!" event and try to furtively fight monsters in the middle of their worship service.

Much of Monster Hunter Now is self-explanatory, with the game rolling out mechanics in a nice, even-handed way to help players onboard. But one aspect is somewhat hidden in the UI, and that's the character creator.

When you first boot up Monster Hunter Now on your phone, the game has you create a character using a few basic templates. But there is a much deeper character creation device in the game, you just have to go find it.

While in game, tap on your hunter in the lower left corner. Then tap Edit Appearance, also in the lower left corner. In here, you will find an amazing variety of character customization options, with a much larger selection of hair styles and faces. You can also drill down further, choosing from over 30 eye options, custom mouths, noses, make-ups, etc.

Don't just go out into the world with a boring Monster Hunter. It is up to you to make yourself look cool, or at least like a 1980's hair metal dork. Have fun, and don't get hit by cars hunting Great Jagras!