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Deep Rock Galactic gets the Wurst update yet

by: Joseph -
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Ghost Ship Games and Deep Rock Galactic has seen a bit of resurgence as of late. It's always fascinating to me that games that have been out for a while get re-sparked from a couple of players. And of course, that means the game will keep getting support. As of September 14th, and until October 3rd, Oktoberfest has dug deep, and harvested quite the festive celebration, including the decor consiting of hay bales and inflatable sausages.

There will be two new assignments available, and you will follow the "leder", in the Hunt for Lederhosen assignment. Your reward comes in the form of the leather-est of trousers, as well as a Sausagebucket Hat. And yes, that is a real thing. If you're in the mines, and you find some Best Wurst Beer tankards, you'll also get double mission performance points! Make sure you head to the Abyss Bar too! 

Fire it up, and combine that with the announcement that there will be a PS5 Special Edition physical release later this year, and you can definitely say with confidence, that Deep Rock Galactic isn't going 1.82 meters deep anytime soon.