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Check out the blood splattering reveal trailer for EA Sports UFC 5

by: Nathan -
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EA Sports UFC 5 was officially revealed to the world today and is looking like it's going to earn that Mature rating with pride. Already off the bat we can see that the fights will be more brutal and realistic as they have ever been with new graphical upgrades include gnarly facial damage including cuts, swelling and bleeding. 

With this brings what I have been begging for in this series for years. Along with realistic blood and facial damage, doctor checks and stoppages have been added. During the fight if someone takes heavy damage like swollen eyes or a broken nose the fight can be paused and a doctor will come in to see if the fighter can continue. 

I have enjoyed the EA UFC series but the last couple of entries have really felt like same game with some minor changes. This is looking like it could be a true overhaul to series that it's needed for quite some time. 

EA Sports UFC 5 releases on October 27th for PS5 and Series X.