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See Starfield's Wanted trait in action

by: Elliot -
More On: Starfield


When I was making my first character in Starfield, I was unsure of which trait to pick as my third one until I got to the very last one, Wanted. It reads, someone put a price on your head, and word has spread. Occasionally, armed mercenaries will show up and try to kill you, but being cornered gives you an edge- when your health is low, you do extra damage. I love this trait, I’m going to even go as far as saying it’s my favorite. Random fights, sometimes at the worst possible time happen on occasion, It’s fun, rewarding, and I think you should take it too. I wanted to make a video and show just how random it can sometimes feel. Check the video below if you want to see the Wanted trait in action.

I like that you can kinda decide how you want to play it out with these bandits if you want. The longer I played the more I just wanted to blast them away and loot their ship, or take it for my own.