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Can you walk completely around a planet in Starfield?

by: Elliot -
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If you’ve been paying attention to Starfield in the last week, you may have come upon some spoilers. Stuff about mid-game, or late, depending on how you play, is starting to pop up everywhere, after all, if you purchased one of the premium editions the game is available to play. I’ve had Starfield for the last two weeks, and even I can’t believe the stuff I am seeing that I have not had the chance to experience. I’ve even heard some people think the game doesn’t even start until you finish the main quest line. Is there truth to that? Maybe, I think it’s best to experience the game instead of reading about the spoilers.

I have been browsing the Starfield subreddit, looking for questions about gameplay elements that I could answer for people as soon as the embargo lifted. There is a lot of talk about map sizes on planets. If you find yourself curious about some answers that are as spoiler-free as possible, there are no story plots talked about, then check out the video below.

The planet I am on is very early in the game; you might even call it the tutorial planet. In fact, it is the first planet you travel to after the opening gameplay. I decided to get off the ship, run in one direction with my ship south of me, and see if I could circle the planet. I don’t want to spoil anything, but you’ll want to take a look at the 3:15 mark to see something, and then again at the very end. I sped up the video to help make the process easier to see.

Seems interesting that you hit an invisible wall, but can still see creatures in the distance moving toward you. I landed where the quest was, so if I landed in a different location would I have been able to go further? I’ve heard people getting upset about this invisible wall, but the size of the planet is still huge, and this is only one planet. I’ve found even the barren planets have places to discover. I know Eric had talked to me about finding a real cool weapon hidden in a place that is considered barren, and something you might not discover by doing just quests. In the end, Starfield is huge, in both scope and explorable areas.