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Check out the first 20 minutes of Starfield, if you dare

by: Elliot -
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Starfield is out, well, if you bought one of the premium editions. In order to do that you needed to shell out either $100 for the Premium Edition, do a $30 upgrade for the Game Pass Premium edition, or lastly, the massive $250 Constellation edition- that one comes with a sweet-looking watch. If you didn’t make the jump to one of those editions, you can still see plenty of Starfield content because the embargo has dropped. If you want to read Eric’s thoughts of Starfield you can check out his recently posted review of the game. The video below shows off the first 20 minutes or so of gameplay, it shows off the very basics of the game, sets up a little bit of story, and shows off the first combat encounter. The video doesn’t have any commentary so that you can get a more authentic look at the beginning of Starfield. I'm going to put the videos after the jump, in case you have zero interest, or want to come back to them later.

You can see I cut the video just after the chacter creator part begins, but you can see it happens right after you wake back up. If you are interested in seeing what that looks like, including the backgrounds and traits, you can jump over here and see.

I was surprised by how quickly Starfield begins. 20 minutes of gameplay, and you are off to explore the universe of Starfield. After this you learn how space combat works, and end up making a small detour before heading the New Atlantis.