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A few spoiler free tips before you start Starfield

by: Elliot -
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About to begin Starfield? Personally, I think you are in for a treat. I keep saying it, but my biggest surprise was how smooth the gameplay experience I had on my Xbox Series S. I was lucky enough to spend the last couple of weeks exploring all the worlds of Starfield, and came up with a few pointers to make your gameplay experience a little easier. These are nothing crazy, and don't spoil any of the fun you should see for yourself first hand. Take you time with Starfield, I found the first hours felt like a slow burn as they try to teach you not only about the universe, but how to play in it too.

Get the boost pack training early
Like the name implies, its a small jetpack booster. Not only is it useful, it’s a ton of fun, especially in an area with low gravity. I wouldn’t worry about putting a ton of skill points into in, especially early on, but you won’t regret getting it in the first few hours. 

Chose the right background and traits
While all of Starfield’s backgrounds and traits look and sound interesting, some of them are not the best for your first playthrough. I don’t think bouncer or gangster are the best choices. I also don’t think extrovert is great, especially because having a human companion around is half the fun sometimes. In the reverse line of thought, I think wanted is a must have, it adds a new level of fun to randomly have someone searching for you, plus you can take them out and steal their ships, who doesn’t love free ships.

Look out for the small stuff
There is a tone to see, experience, and gather in Starfield. While you can explore every nook and corner of the galaxy, you don’t always need to do that. When you are exploring some space station or sewer system underneath a near-utopic city look out for the small items. Credstik can be found everywhere, they’re the currency of Starfield. They’re small, and sometimes hard to see. The real problem is you have no idea how much money is on a credstik; I’ve found some in places I would have never thought to look, and they contained some serious money. The same goes with the Digipens, you use those to break into locked doors, boxes, or caches, they’re very useful.

Be smart about space travel
I really enjoyed space battles, and almost all of my deaths have come from trying to help out others who were being attacked. I think you can you can be successful with any ship, as long as you use the right functions. The biggest one is your shields. No matter what I always have my shields up to full, and I think you should too. Sacrifice a little bit of speed for maximum shields, you won’t regret it.