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Take a look at Starfield's character creator

by: Elliot -
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Interested in Starfield but haven’t purchased one of the three premium editions? I was one of the lucky people who’ve spent the last few weeks playing Starfield. A lot of the questions I see are all about the character creator. Is it big? Yes. Huge, again, yes. Can you make anyone? Well, any human, at least. If you are more of a visual person instead of just reading about the game I’ve begun uploading videos that show off some very early in-game footage, including the whole character creator. You make a character about ten minutes into starting, and the process can feel long. Sure, you can make a character in a few minutes, even a unique one that nobody else is playing as.

The video shows a little bit of everything; you can see just how intense the character creator is. With my first character, I tried to make a space pirate version of my wife, you know, for science. I wasn’t too happy with the result, feeling it was rushed. While making the first character, I found that I really got into how some of the old people models looked, and I went with a crazy old man, a scoundrel-style guy. The real interesting stuff comes at the 12:36 mark; you can see all the background options. At 13:23 you can see all the trait options. I decided no commentary during the video, that way you don’t need to hear my annoying voice while you see the beauty that is Starfield.